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All day long, a lot of us sit down and talk about the people who have succeeded and made it. Some would sit down and talk about the process of how one has succeeded but the majority would sit down and talk about the success that one entrepreneur has achieved. They would talk about the size of his or her house, the amount of cars they own and mainly the amount of money that one successful individual has to their name.

The funniest thing that I think, when people talk to me about these things, is the fact that, that specific entrepreneur has the EXACT same capabilities as you do. He or she has the same brain that was created for you, he or she has the same skills that can be developed that you have and he or she has the same body that you have. The only difference here is that, that person USED their skills, that person DEVELOPED their skills, that person WANTED to succeed because they really had a passion for their career and goals. Not once did they sit down and say I can’t do it, Its not for me, this is not going to work out (Creating objections in your head).

Have a close read of this; Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan & You. What commonality do you see within all the people listed above? The commonality is that everyone listed above has a brain! However the successful have just used their brain differently and assured their success by implementing massive amounts of action.

Failing is apart of success, so if you want to keep dreaming you will not get anywhere, your brain will just be thinking, however if you start developing now? Then you have just taken your first official step to getting to the next step of your goal. Albert Einstein was refused admittance to the Zurich Polytechnic School because he couldn’t speak until he was four and he couldn’t read until he was seven, but he ended up winning a Noble Prize and changing the face of modern physics. Walt Disney got fired from a newspaper editor because he lacked imagination and had no good ideas, I am 22 years of age and I run around disneyland in excitement like I am 4 years old because it is literally the happiest place on earth. Steve Jobs got fired from his own company, and now Apple is considered the most innovative company in todays world, that didn’t stop you from purchasing an apple product did it? As a soft more Michael Jordan tried out for his high school basketball team, the results came back and his name was not on the squad, he then became one of the best basket ballers of all time.

You have to hit a brick wall a thousand times before you succeed, and even when you do succeed I guarantee there is a few more hidden brick walls waiting to smash you! It all depends whether your willing to take the hit and keep going, or let that wall bring you down. When I was younger my mom said to me that life is full of disappointments, and now I say to myself that I want more disappointments, because that gives me the upper hand to control future disappointments that come my way. If a disappointment comes your way, it didn’t stop your heart from beating – its just another disappointment, get back up and keep going!

Now there is two ways you can perceive this article;

‘This is just another motivational article and there is no way I can be what I want to be, I’m just going to keep dreaming’


‘Thankfully I read this article, its time to do something about my life and take action to start developing’

Drake the hip-hop artist runs around singing YOLO (you only live once), and it is the truth. So make your dreams come true NOW by understanding the one opportunity that you have got to take advantage of.

Are you going to keep dreaming or are you going to start developing?

Patrick Osman