How can opportunities benefit you? What a powerful statement. How though? How can an opportunity benefit your life, I know, because accepting an opportunity can either benefit your life or it can provide you with an experience that you never have experienced before.

According to the Macquarie dictionary the definition of the word opportunity is an appropriate or favourable time or occasion. Why would an opportunity be an appropriate or favourable time? because an opportunity is an event that must be experienced, why should it be experienced though? As it will either positively contribute to your life and benefit your life or it will give you an experience that you have never learnt from.

So many people are shut down to the world and say no to a lot of options and opportunities that come their way, but have a think to yourself, right now as your reading; for every time that you have taken a risk, you were scared… Am I right? But you came back with an unforgettable story, whether it was a job you decided on taking or whether it was doing something you have never done before like go on a roller coaster or commit do doing something freaky like sky diving or swimming with sharks. If your heart does not stop, go ahead and say yes to whatever opportunity comes your way. Don’t be shut down to the world and disagree with certain opportunities that you come across, because the one who says yes to all those avenues will have much more life experience in the future and will be able to deal with situations in the future that are similar to the experiences that he or she has responded affirmatively to.

You think about it like this, there are 2 people lets say there names are Jack and Jill. Both unemployed, however Jill wakes up in the morning, has an agenda that she follows with certain targets and is open to opportunities that the outside world has to offer. 4 times a week, she volunteers for her church group and assists the community with cleaning the streets and helping the elderly do their shopping. Jack on the other hand, is also unemployed however he doesn’t have an alarm clock, he wakes up when he wants to, first thing he does when he wakes up is jump on facebook and play playstation, Jack also claims that there are no jobs available in todays job market.
Both are unemployed however which one would you consider has a more productive life? And collectively which one will be more inclined to bump into an opportunity and why?

I hope you got the right answer.  Saying yes to any opportunity, opens a door to another opportunity or teaches you the required skill on how not to perform a certain task in todays world.

Don’t forget to be open minded and say yes to opportunities, it can open miracles.