Good old productivity. What does it really mean? And why is it better for us to maximize it?

What’s the point in maximizing productivity in our day-to-day activity. How the hell am I going to benefit if I do so? I want you to come for a walk with me, and I’ll show you simple and tiny tricks that will help you be a better you, starting NOW!

Alright, look productivity in simple words basically refers to the level of further accomplishment in any operational activity or task that has an end goal of improving its output.

Lets talk examples of productivity in a life of a sales representative; 2 scenarios;


Scenario A:

Billy is a sales representative for a company that sells watches.  He wakes up every morning at 5:30 am, he exercises, writes his long and short term goals down, then starts his day with respect to his day written down on paper, exactly what he is doing every hour of the day. He visits a minimum target of 50 cold customers on a daily basis and attempts to sell watches to them.
Each client he visits, he writes down all client details and shamelessly attempts to book an appointment because he knows, that the client needs to stock the watches that he sells. According to Billy’s statistical performance, if he gets in front of 50 clients on a daily basis and books a minimum of 10 meetings. His sales ratios state that he will close 10%, which is 1 meeting. Collectively Billy is a very productive individual and attempts to maximize output for every minute that takes place.

Scenario B:

Martin, works for the same company and sells watches. Martin has such a positive vibe and really builds rapport with clients easily. Every client loves Martin and in the company he is known as the closer, because he can close any deal. However his success at work fluctuates, and he is starting to become an unreliable sales representative which is causing him to be perceived as an inefficient liability opposed to a strong sales asset. His productivity levels are very low are starting to cost the company a large amount of residual cash.

At the end of every month. Billy comes back to sales meetings with solid and better results opposed to Martin. Why? Why does Billy have solid results? Apparently Martin is known as the closer though?

Martin can think he is the closer of all sales however if martin does not structure and plan his day like Billy does, he will be consistently wasting time throughout his day and minimizing productivity levels.

An even better example of maximizing productivity, is me, right now. I’m on the plane coming home from Perth, Australia. I have the option to be watching the latest blockbuster films like the guy next to me; I swear he hasn’t stopped laughing the whole way! He is having a ball, but I don’t see much value in satisfying my vision and entertaining myself for 2 hours through a movie. I would rather be more productive and write this article to take advantage of time, so other people in this world can take advantage of what I have to say. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m going to be play NBA on PS4 all night tonight before a long day starts tomorrow!

Having an agenda every day and writing down what your goals and plans are for the day, allow your day to have direction and it allows you to take advantage of time.  During your life, the clock is your worst enemy after your mindset. Your mindset is the devil, literally! Because it’s just naturally so negative towards life, the clock just takes advantage of all of us without us knowing and watches us fail.

Its like, our mindset is having a fight with us and the clock is on our mindsets team.


We are in control of both (mindset and time) however, majority of us honestly don’t know it.

Taking advantage of time, increases productivity drastically in ones life, as it allows you to accomplish a certain task much more efficiently and effectively. Not only that, but, you will have more time on your hands to then complete another task and prosper further in that specific day!

For a football team to win, it has to gain more ground every time as that gets the team closer to the goal line, completing tasks in your day-to-day activity or week-to-week activity gets us closer to our goal line.

Don’t you want to do it quicker? Who likes waiting in today’s society?

This formula of maximizing productivity applies to individuals who are unemployed – looking for a job, people at work, mums, fathers, parents and literally anyone in this world that has certain objectives that they want to achieve.

Maximize productivity by having a direction, completing tasks as quick as possible, so then you can move on to the next task that you are willing to conquer. Repeat the same thing over and over, just do your self a favor and don’t give up – because the clock will then win again.