Motivation is something that the human brain needs consistently. Every day we are surrounded by influential factors i.e our friends, television, people’s perspectives, social media, the internet and other influential factors that persuade our subconscious mind to think a specific way.
Its your job to control the way you think and assure that you stay motivated in each and every moment that the clock is ticking. Below I have listed 6 strategies that you could use daily to assure that your motivation could lead to a permanent change.

1) Understanding and researching the subconscious mind

The power of the subconscious mind is by far one of the most amazing concepts to attempt to understand on planet earth.  Once you understand this concept, you will look at life from a completely different perspective because you will understand that 95% of your daily decisions are made by your subconscious mind, however what makes one stand out in his/her achievements is being conscious OF your subconscious your mind. Once you are conscious of your subconscious mind, you will be completely aware of each and every single thought that goes through your brain, which will lead to you understanding where the negativity comes from. When you are born, you are programmed and there is a lot of negativity that is instilled in your paradigm, but it isn’t your fault. Now that I have made you aware of where the negativity comes from, be conscious of your subconscious and stay positive. That negative voice from your subconscious brain can make you face the word regret for the rest of your life.

2) Understanding your why and your purpose

Each one of us that is put on planet on earth, has a reason and has a purpose. What is yours? Has it ever crossed your mind? You need to understand your life purpose. It will drive you to living an amazing lifestyle because that is what will satisfy your inner soul.

Happiness is the ultimate goal and the last thing you would want is to live a life where you are unhappy and not satisfied with what you do every single day. It should cross your mind daily, what your hobbies are? What your skills are? What you enjoy doing? What do you actually having a freaking passion for? What do you ABSOLUTELY love doing? What is it on earth, what activity gives you an unbelievable feeling? Ask yourselves all these questions then link these answers with a potential business idea that you feel the marketplace will affirmatively react to and GO THROUGH WITH IT.

3) Self Discipline

Self-discipline is like the gears in your car, it allows you to achieve your goal step by step. Self-discipline basically is the ability to persuading your mind to commit every single day. It will allow you to have the momentum to succeed because every day it will force you to be committed to your action taking and assure that you achieve your daily tasks which will then lead to you achieving your goals.

Self-discipline is what differentiate the Successful from the dreamers. The dreamers will consistently dream in the mind where has the successful will implement their thoughts into actions and working alongside self-discipline will allow them to maintain momentum and gradually achieve their goals.

4) Goal Setting

Goal setting is the most important strategy in all of the listed strategies. They all are interdependent but at the same time if you do not set goals in your life, you are living a life that is lacking direction. If you do not know where you are going with your life, every day you need to make sure that as of today you start setting goals. Goal setting does work well alongside your life purpose because you establish what is your life purpose, your goals then will work in harmony with that so then you can achieve your life purpose.

Your subconscious mind needs to know what your goals are, so if we know that 95% of our brain is subconscious? We need to leverage off that information and make sure that we surround our brain consistently with motivation, a positive mindset as well as our goals. Put your goals on your wall in your room, on your back screen on your phone and write them down every morning.

5) Associating with the right individuals

You are who you hang around with. You’ve heard that before I’m assuming?

Well it’s the most accurate statement I’ve ever heard. Your friends and your surroundings influence the way you think. If you have chosen someone to be apart of your circle, you’ve chosen them because you enjoy their presence, respect them and also look up to them to some extent in a specific area.

Now, if we know that our subconscious mind reacts to what we listen to, whatever it is that your friends or surroundings talk about will influence the way you think without you knowing. If you have negative friends, or surround yourself around people who don’t benefit you. Change it now! You need to surround yourself around individuals who are going to benefit you, you need to control what sounds go into your ears to ASSURE that you consistently think positive.

Surround yourself around individuals who are going to make you think positive by reinforcing any ideas you have and motivating you to achieve them. If you hang around individuals who have a negative outlook on life, you’re hanging poison. Change it now

6) Listen to motivational speakers daily

This one is self explanatory, start every morning with listening to a motivational speech. Simply go to youtube, type in motivational speech and pick someone. Start off your day listening to them, then implement self-discipline and listen to these speeches when your in the car. Don’t listen to music anymore, listen to knowledge and drill your subconscious mind with a positive vibe! If you can’t find a motivational speaker of your choice, try me, start off with this video, ‘the successful mindset’:

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