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Advertising on Facebook and other popular social media networks is a great way to generate results instantly. Facebook gives us the ability to pick customers who are most likely to purchase your products and services and then put your message in from of them. Our Facebook advertising strategy will allow you to use (literally) the world’s most effective and targeted forms of advertising available in 2017.

Our Facebook Marketing Services grow your business by using these three steps.

Focus on cost-efficiency

Advertising on Facebook is hands down, the most effective form of advertising today in both cost and results. On average you can spend $10 and reach 1,000 targeted people. When you compare that to some forms of print advertising, our Facebook advertising services are 10x more cost effective.

Advertise to your exact demographic

When you purchase a billboard you’re putting your message in front of people who would never purchase your services. You’re hoping that someone who passes the billboard will be interested. Facebook takes the guessing out of the equation. Facebook knows your interests, knows if you own a home, have kids, what income you make, your relationship status if you’re a business owner and much more. We can help you reach your exact audience based on:

  • Demographics: We can run extremely targeted ads to people based on their interests and online behaviors. There’s almost no limit to what we can target on Facebook. We can target ages, locations, incomes, job status and more.
  • Email Lists: Many people’s businesses run off of an email list. If you have a large email list we can upload that list to Facebook and start sending those lists ads on Facebook to upsell current customers or finally get that email subscriber to make a purchase.
  • Website Visitors: Have you ever been to a website and days later when you’re on Facebook you see Facebook ads from that website? This isn’t a coincidence. It’s retargeting and it’s a great way to remind your customers to make a purchase. They say that it takes up to 12 “touches” before a person trusts your enough to make a purchase. Retargeting is a great way to build trust.

Get results fast with Facebook:

Unlike other marketing services, Facebook works fast. In fact, when we started running ads for our business we received our first lead minutes after launching the ads. When you are targeting an ad to a person who needs your services the results come fairly quick.

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Facebook Advertising Our Specific Process?


1) Assign Your Business a Facebook Account Manager

Before we can run one Facebook ad we need to learn all about your business, learn what you’ll be selling, learn what your ideal customer is and more. We’ll make sure to assign you a Facebook pro to develop your Facebook advertising strategy.

2) Develop An Effective Advertising Strategy

A Facebook marketing strategy is not just boosting a few posts. While that does put your message out there we want to develop a strategy with a sales process.

For example, when a person clicks the Facebook ad they’re taken to a landing page, if they opt in on that page they can see a sales video, now we have their email and the video persuades them to click the link to schedule a time to talk to us. You get a notification to call the customer and so do they. Then you show up at the scheduled time to make the sale. This is a strategy.

3) Build the Strategy (Ads, Videos, and Landing Pages)

After we develop a strategy that will work for your business we need to actually build everything. This is the setup, which includes building the Facebook ads, building the landing pages, which are the pages that the customer is directed to after they click on the Facebook ad. We may even need to develop an email marketing strategy. It’s not very likely that a person sees an ad on Facebook and immediately makes a purchase. You need users to give up their email address so we can build the like and trust factor via email until they make a purchase.

4) Monitor the Strategy

We want to quickly find out what is working well and what isn’t working well. We’ll identify the low performing areas, pause them and build ads and landing pages to correct the problem. A/B testing is important with any type of marketing and social media is no exception.

5) Communication and Reporting

You want to know how well your Facebook marketing strategy is working, right? Of course, you do! Your Facebook advertising specialist will make sure to send you a monthly report to show you the progress. At this time you’ll see exactly how much money you’ve spent and how much money you’ve made based on our Facebook advertising services.

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Why Use Us for Facebook & Social Media Marketing?

We’re Facebook Pros

At one time we were only using Facebook to acquire new customers for our business. Facebook is the best form of advertising for us. At this time we realized that perhaps we should put a focus on this service for our customers. We manage Facebook Campaigns every day and we have a track record of success.

No-Risk Contracts

We don’t lock you into 12-month contracts. In fact, you can cancel your contract with us at any time. All you need is a 30 day written or electronic notice. Other marketing companies grow their businesses with high-pressure sales and extremely complex contracts that are impossible to get out of. Get peace of mind with us from low-risk and no-risk contracts.

We Use Facebook Ads

More than likely you’re here because you’ve seen our Facebook ads and have worked your way down our sales funnel. Isn’t it nice to know that the company you’re buying from uses their own products and services? We know Facebook ads work because we use them to grow our own business. In other words we like to put our money where our mouth is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many customers will I get?

We wish there was a mathematical formula to tell you exactly how many customers you’ll receive. However, much of the success of getting a new customer is up to you. For example, after a person fills out a form or calls, does someone from your company respond immediately or does it take a week for you to follow up?

2) How long will it take to get set up?

It won’t take us more than 3 days to set everything up. As long as you’re quick with providing the information we need we can have everything up and running in no time!

3) What if I don’t have a Facebook Page?

No worries we can create on for you in no time. In many cases this is good because in many cases starting from scratch is easier than fixing a mess that is left behind from someone else.

4) Do you use any other social Media networks besides Facebook?

We can advertise for you on any and all social media networks. However, at this time Facebook is the best place to spend your advertising budget. If you’d to advertise on Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn that’s great! We’d be happy to help.

5) Is there a setup fee?

There is a one-time setup fee and we will provide an estimate before you make any commitments with us. Your strategy might require landing page software, email integrations, video creation etc.

6) Do you need anything from me?

There are a few things you’ll need from us such as admin access to your business Facebook Page, content (if needed), email access (if needed) and more. However, when we develop your strategy we’ll be sure to mention anything we’ll need from you.

7) How do you know what I’m selling?

When we assign a Facebook pro to your account they’ll be sure to ask you all of the proper questions about your business. Some of these questions are: Who is your ideal customer, what is your ideal product to sell, what do you sell it for, what are your margins etc.

8) Who will be creating the strategy and ads?

We will assign a Facebook –pro to your account. They’ll be setting everything up. Keep in mind we do everything in-house. The person you talk to is the person who will be setting up the strategy, in our facility.

9) How can I track the results?

Each month we’ll send you a report of results. How many people clicked on the ads, opted in, called, made a purchase etc. Keep in mind for many businesses, such as service based business; the sale is often up to you. Are you quick to respond to leads, do you have a good sales process, do you have trained and professional salespeople? This is all up to you.

10) Do you need to have access to my personal Facebook account?

Nope. We don’t want anything to do with your personal Facebook account and Facebook has a process for assigning other people roles to your business Facebook Page. No worries.

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