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Google AdWords With Your Goals in Mind

Google AdWords allows you to achieve new customers in some of the fastest ways possible. When a customer goes to Google and searches for a product or service they are usually ready to make a purchase. They know what they are looking for and they’re actively looking for a solution to their problem. If you aren’t showing up in the search results then Google AdWords is a great way to get your business there FAST. Don’t miss out on these ready to buy customers.

Google AdWords helps your business grow by using these two distinctive steps.

Generate High-Quality Traffic to your Website

When it comes to your website quality is better than quantity. 1000 visits to your website is pointless if the visitors are looking for recipes and you’re a plumber. Google AdWords puts you at the top of the search results for products and services that your ideal customer is searching for. If you want to sell plumbing services we’ll make sure people who are looking for plumbing in your area are going to your website.

Very Fast Results

Unlike other forms of marketing, Google AdWords allows you to be up and running in a few hours or less. It’s not uncommon to get your first lead on the first day of running the ads. However, keep in mind that you’ll pay per click on your ads. We’ll work hard to make sure your ads are generating clicks that are turning into paying customers. Additionally, we’ll make sure that the cost to acquire a new customer is cheaper than the value of your customers.

Unless you are trained in running Google AdWords it’s wise to find someone like us to manage this for you. Without the proper experience, you can end up wasting a ton of money and time with no results.

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What is Our Process for Making Google AdWords Successful?

1) Assign a Google AdWords pro to you

We’ll make sure that we assign a search engine and Google AdWords certified specialist to your account. This person will have experience in running Google AdWords campaigns. At this time we also want to learn as much about your business as possible.

2) Find Keywords that will Work For your Business

We want to make sure we’re identifying and spending money on only the keywords that will work for you. We do research daily to find keyword opportunities that will be profitable for your specific business. A keyword is what a person types into Google and clicks search. We research thousands of keywords and find out which keywords lead to customers, how many people are searching for that keyword, how competitive is the keyword etc.

3) Look Out for the Competition

We want to keep a close watch on the competition when it comes to Google AdWords and we also have the tools to do so. We want to find out what is working, and not working, so we can develop a smarter approach to your account.

4) Creating Awesome Ads

Creating compelling ads is crucial so that people want to click our ad versus the competition. We’ll also test the ads to make sure we’re identifying which ads and doing good and why.

5) Monitor and Look Over the Campaign

We have the ability to see what areas of your Google AdWords campaign are doing well and what areas are not doing so well. We’ll watch over your campaign every day, pause areas that aren’t performing and launch new areas that will perform. After all, the way people use Google and the way people make purchases online change all this time.

6) Communication with You

You’ll want to know how well Google AdWords is working for you. We will use call tracking and conversion tracking on your ads to measure the results. Then your dedicated specialist will make sure that all of the reports are prepared monthly so you can be sure this is working to grow your business.

Get Effective and Very Affordable Google AdWords Working for your Business!


Why Use Us for Google AdWords?

We’re Search Engine Pros

We’ve been running Google AdWords every day for our clients for years. We keep up with Google’s Best practices and have experience and data to back up that we know what we’re doing. From making great ads to choosing keywords that are loaded with buyer intent and retargeting. We know what we’re doing.

No Risk Contracts

We don’t like to corner and trap people into long-term contracts. We also understand that cancellations are unavoidable from time to time. If for ANY reason you don’t think Google AdWords is the answer for you then with an electronic or written notice we’ll both be on our separate ways in 30 days.

Get More for Your Money

We don’t take a percentage of your ad spend and we don’t do high retainers. For a very reasonable flat fee, we’ll manage every aspect of your Google AdWords that allows your business to grow without the stress of having to pay an advertising agency more money as you grow. We only want to be in a position to help you.

Want to take control of your business?

Common Questions About Google AdWords

What are the results to be expected?

We will help you to determine how many customers you will receive based off of previous experience and the budget you want to put into the ads.

How many customers will I receive?

This answer varies too depending on how much you are willing to invest in advertising and internal factors. For example after someone fills out a form on your site or calls, is someone standing by waiting to answer questions? Or is this lead going to get lost in your inbox and call log? Many times the answer to this question is up to you. We’ll provide the traffic you work your magic making the sales.

Is Google AdWords Expensive?

Google doesn’t determine the cost of the advertising. Since AdWords is an auction process the market determines the cost of the ads.

How long are the Contracts?

There is no commitment or contracts.

Are there any setup fees?

Yes there is a one time set up fee

How do I get out of a contract?

All you need to provide is a 30 day written or electronic notice.

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