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Patrick Osman offers three different business coaching options. Regardless of the phase, that your business is in, we have the expertise to take your business to the next level. If you’re looking to go from $60,000/month to $350k/ month or if you’re looking to go from idea to implementation, Patrick Osman is the man to help you achieve your business goals. 

See Our Three Business Coaching Options Below

Option #1

Startup Your Business

We all have that one dream, that one goal in our lives and that is to become someone and be satisfied with life. Sometimes starting your own business can be hard, that’s why it’s time that I personally extend my hand out and work 1 on 1 with you to assist you in changing your life.

I’m passionate about changing people’s lives, that’s why I was put here on earth and right about now, I’m about to literally change yours.

I will work close with you towards your goals and walk you through the process of starting your own business.

We will provide you with the following:

  • 1 on 1 coaching with Patrick Osman
  • Website built from scratch
  • Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords & Seo (Optional)

4 + 2 =

Facebook and Social Marketing

Our social media and Facebook advertising services are proven to grow your business. By advertising through social media we’ve had clients experience a 2,500% return on what they’ve spent.


People are searching for your products and services on Google right NOW. Make sure you’re in front of your potential customers when they do a Google search.


Most people who search for products and services on Google ONLY click on the organic results, which includes the map. Make sure your business is there.


If you don’t have a website or your site is outdated, people won’t take you seriously. An awesome site like this one can be yours in as little as 10 days! Oh, and it won’t cost you an arm either.

Option #2

Online Sales Training Academy:

Are you a do-it-yourself business person who just needs to be pointed in the right direction? Our Online Sales Training Course is the answer you’ve been looking for. Get unlimited access to dozens of training videos that show you everything from how to find new business, how to overcome your biggest fears in sales and business and how to close the deal! Patrick Osman’s Online Sales Training Course WILL help you finally reach your business goals. 


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Option #3

Business Consultation



Are you a business owner or you want to be a business owner? Has your business plateaued and you’re looking for one-on-one advice? Perhaps you have the desire to start a business but you just don’t know what to do next and you’re looking for advice. One-on-one business consulting is the perfect solution.

Patrick has worked with countless business owners and have the experience and knowledge to help you finally get your business started or to finally take your business to a higher level.

Option #4

EEA Elite Authors Association:

Are you an inspiring author? Do you have a great idea for a book and just don’t know where to start. The process seems overwhelming, which is why most people never even begin writing. You could be the next New York Time’s best-selling author. We have the knowledge, experience, and contacts to help you help you become an author. 

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