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Web Design Services

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Having a good website can be the single most important part of your overall marketing strategy. Your website serves as a source for answering your customer’s questions and establishing your business as the company they should do business with. We design websites that are attractive on any device and are designed to grow your business.

Our Web Design Services Can Help Grow Your Business in These Ways:

Build a Website that Your Specific Customers Will Love

95% of your customers will make a decision to do business or NOT to do business with you based on your website. If your website doesn’t make your customers feel like you can solve their specific problems then they’ll go to your competitors. We develop websites that establish you as the authority in your industry and make customers beg to do business with you.

Build a Website that Looks Great on ANY Device:

Today a website has to have the ability to look good on tiny smart phones, large monitors and everything in between. A website that isn’t properly formatted is frustrating for your users and causes a poor experience. That makes people believe that doing business with you must be just as frustrating. Our websites, like this one, look beautiful on all devices and screen sizes.

Build a Website With Great User Experience:

Speaking of user experience we make sure that all of your users have a great time on your site. We live in a fast world. People want to find a solution to their problems fast. People want answers to their questions fast! Our websites are designed to be fast, easy to navigate, and easy to get in touch with you.

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What is Our Web Design Process?

1) Learn About You And Your Business

First, we need to learn about you and your business. One of our web design specialists will contact you and send you a brief questionnaire. This questionnaire will educate us on everything we need to include on the website.

2) Choose a Platform and a Hosting Package For the Website  

Most likely you already have a website. If that is the case we will need the domain and hosting access. After this, we’ll start building your website using WordPress as our platform and we’ll install the new website our SiteGround server.

3) Build the first Version of Your Website  

In About 10 days we’ll have the first version of your website finished. This is what we think would be ideal for your business based off of your recommendations and the information you’ve provided in the questionnaire.

4) Revise the Website if Necessary

After the first version of the website is finished we’ll send you the link and you can see the website. You’ll have the ability to go through the website and compile a list of changes that you would like. In many situations, the customer trusts our judgment. In other situations customers want us to make some changes to the site before we launch. Once we receive these changes we’ll make the changes and complete the design.

5) Launch the New Website

Once you give us an official approval of the website we will launch this version of it. While building the website we’ll use a temporary domain. When we launch the site you will see our new website when you go to your domain. This is when you start receiving the benefits of a new website!

6) Keep the Site Maintained  

You don’t need to pay us to keep your website up to date. We can educate you on how to keep your site running smoothly. However, if you don’t want to spend time maintaining your website we offer monthly maintenance plans and support to keep your website running smoothly. Just like anything a website requires routine maintenance for optimal user experience and security.

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Why Use Us for Website Design?

We’re Fast

We don’t mess around. We can go from an initial conversation with you to launching a new website in less than 3 weeks. We’ll have your awesome new website up and running in no time! Other companies take 3 months or more.

We’re Affordable

Most web designers make you believe that a website should cost $10,000 or more. Our goal is to work with your budget and to get the site up quick so we can start putting that website to work to get you more customers.

We’re Flexible

Built into our price is the ability for you to have two complete rounds of revisions. We build the site and then pass it to you for changes. There’s no limit of change either. Don’t like it on the first revision we’ll change it. No extra cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long will it take to build?

Normally we can turnaround a website in 2-3 weeks. However, the length of the process also depends on your response time since we will need your input.

2) What if I don’t like the website?

No problem. This is why we give you two complete rounds of revisions.

3) What platform do you use?

We currently build all websites on WordPress since this is the most popular and user-friendly platform for websites.

4) Will my website be down at all?

Nope. We build all websites on a temporary domain so your current website it live until we’re ready to launch. At that time your current website may be down for a few minutes. However, at times a website can be down for up to two days. This is why we try to launch new websites during a time when you normally receive the least amount of visitors.

5) What do you need from me?

We’ll provide you with a questionnaire to guide you through everything we need from you.

6) Who writes the words on the pages?

If you prefer to write the content on the pages of the website that’s great. However, we will write up to 500 words per page. If you need more we can provide a separate estimate for that.

7) What is a domain?

The domain is the unique URL destination for your website. Ours is socialmediamavericks.com

8) What is web hosting?

Websites are stored on special computers called servers. When you choose website hosting you’re just choosing a place to store your website.

9) Do I need to send you images?

If you have images that you would like to use then please provide them. However, we can always purchase stock images for you.

10) How will you know what to put on the website?

We will assess all of these needs in the website questionnaire. This is also where you provide us with website that you love, which we can use as a reference.

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